LAMELLA DESIGN company was built upon this market with gifts, souvenir, publicity company made products in 1983.

LAMELLA DESIGN company was set up in 1983 for satisfying quality guided needs of the Hungarian toy and gift market. Hungary entered into business partnership with many branches present in Hungary of several international companies possessing serious economic and public taste experience during the opening of the country towards the world economy.

Our reference works:
(without giving a complete list)

Kraft Jacobs Suchard Hungaria (the Milka cow figure), Netslé Hungary (Nestlé rabbit figure), L'Oréal Paris (launching figure of the product), OMV Hungária (supporting a petrol promotion with a snail publicity figure), Pharmavit pharmacological factory (figures accompanying a product show), Happy Box chain (gifts products), etc.

A collection of publicity product for an Internet servicing firm is under introduction. Lamella Design has achieved important professional and market success with many new product families in the field of gifts as well. Lamella products have already been presented as scenery elements, in video clips and as decoration on public buildings.

The business policy and ars poetics of Lamella Design
A new conception of many conventional means and products of decoration, and projecting, production at handicrafts level of new, aesthetically realised, well applicable, fashionable, environment protecting goods, publicity goods and toys. We take orders. The products are made by our company from textile, mostly of plush, mostly handmade followed by strict quality control. Lamella Design wishes to be present on the market with its own products, and secondly with the goods ordered from the company.

Our objectives:
To influence and shape of public taste on the long term, the fashion on the short term. Lamella Design doesn't wish to compete on the market, but to be on the top with its new products. A high level industrial art and correct economic activities.

Our designers like to create unusual, astonishing, but modern products, full of fantasy. Lamella Design made gifts products have created a new fashion, and have modified the gift giving habit in many fields.

Lamella Design undertakes:
Project and realisation of graphic and publicity products.
Project and making of individual gifts
The production of great volume of textile figures for reasonable deadline. We borrow big sized advertising objects.
We make typographic and marketing work as well.


H-1022 Budapest, Marczibányi tér 10.
33 55 99 6

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